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CSU Green Bay Set




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Wedding/ Engagement Sets

Construction of our sets: 

Tops are 1/2" Baltic Birch Plywood sanded, routed, and finished on both sides, frame is 5/8" Baltic birch pine, sanded, stained and spar urethaned.  (3/4" plywood top and with Baltic frame available for additional cost) We are happy to follow your instructions on construction if you wish any additions or modifications to our regular building plans. 

All wood surfaces are sanded and finished with exterior paint and polyurethane. 

Construction is pocket hole screws and glue, no screws visible on top. Legs fold underneath. 

Convenient side carry handle. 









Play Ground Set 1/2" top with 2/4 frame and leg lock. 
Playground set 1/2" Plywood with 2/4 frame and leg lock
leg lock