Pickup Truck Bed Custom Hand Made Rustic Wood Side Rails with Rear Cross Piece(s)

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Pickup Truck Bed Rustic Wood Side Rails with added front or back cross rail.

Custom Hand Made. We will be happy to work with you to create your rustic wood rails for your pickup!  Give is a call 970-402-3373 with any questions you may have. 

Rails in this picture are on our Ford F150 standard bed, they measure 79 inches long, stake posts are 2 x 3 and 16 inches from top of side.
Pictures were taken in full sun on one side and shade on the other.
Our rails are made Baltic Birch cut to any size you wish. 

The cross piece will be directly behind the cab and screwed to the front stakes or at the back over the tailgate. Rear cross piece is removable.

The pictures of our rails are stained with Provincial color stain and finished with 3 coats of spar urethane. You are welcome to pick the stain color your rails. 
We will custom build your rails to fit your truck. Price posted is based on the rails in the picture, using Baltic Birch.
If you want them to be higher or more rails message us for a quote.
You can pick your color of stain or paint for your rails.
Simple custom sign is an additional $69 and up.
Some assembly will be required, only tool needed - Power Drill with a Philips bit.  We will not pre-drill holes. All hardware will be included.

See pictures for examples with measurements; our build will be based on the measurements you provide. 
Here is a list of options we will base our quote on:
A - Length of rails - measure from about 1 inch from the cab to the end of the bed.
B - Depth of stake pocket holes, dimensions of the opening of the pocket holes, size of hole, (pictured is 2 x 3)
C - Size of rails desired - 1 x 4 or 1 x 6 (pictured is 1 x 6)                                                      D - Length of cross piece
E - Number of rails desired
Color of stain (pictured is provincial stain)
1 Sign, 2 Signs or no Sign
So many possibilities! We are happy to work with you to plan and build your best ideas! 
Send a message to denvercornholegames@gmail.com to start the process we will reply promptly.