Easter Garden Gnome Fence Peeker Yard Art Garden Playground Decoration

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The Easter Gnome Fence Peeker in the picture is ready to ship right now, so it will arrive before Easter!
The handmade and hand painted Easter Gnome is designed to be placed outside on your fence. It comes in 3 pieces, the hat with the ears, the hands with the egg and the base Gnome head and beard.  The hat fits over the head and secures by tightening the screws, the hands attach with heavy duty hook and loop fasteners. 
Your Gnome can be customized for any holiday or season. 
We will be adding a listing soon with many holiday and season specific hats and arms. 
The colors can be customized if you wish. See all the pictures. 
The measurement for the Gnome is 24 inches tall and 13 inches wide and he weighs about 5 lbs 6 oz. 
Peekers are made to be adjustable to fit a fence that is 1/2 inch to 3/4 inches thick.  If your peeker needs to fit a fence thicker than 3/4" please message us with the measurement of the top of your fence and we will build your peeker to fit correctly. Head and hands can be adapted to hang on a wall using picture hangers. 
Made using MDO professional signage plywood and painted with high quality exterior paint, finished with a coat of urethane to protect from the weather.