Schnauzer Dog Fence Peeker Yard Art Garden Playground Decoration

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Decorative Fence Peekers are handmade of wood and hand painted with outdoor paint / finished with urethane to be weatherproof. Peekers are designed to peek over your fence. Any peeker can be adapted to become a sign if you do not have a fence!                   

Each peeker is handmade when ordered. Your order will be ready in 10 to 14 business days. 

The Schnauzer is 12" tall and 16.5" wide and weighs 4 lbs 

The markings can be changed to match your dog. 

There are many other dog breeds available, just ask for your favorite!   Many more dog breeds and other animals are coming! Just ask for your favorite and we will create it!

Peekers slide over the top of your fence and are made to be adjustable to fit a fence that is 1/2 inch to 3/4 inches thick.  If your peeker needs to fit a fence thicker than 3/4" please message us with the measurement of the top of your fence and we will build your peeker to fit correctly. Head and paws can be adapted to hang on a wall using picture hangers. 

Message us at for a quick response, or call 970-402-3373

Choose local pick up if you wish to pick up at our location in Denver.  Contact seller if you are in the Denver, Colorado area for instructions to pick up your peeker.